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The City of London
Solicitors’ Company

We are the Livery Company for City solicitors.  We are a working Company and all members are required to practise, or to have practised, as a solicitor within the City of London and Canary Wharf. 

Membership is open to all City solicitors, whether or not in private practice.

Our ambitions as a Company are enhanced by our Purpose and reinforced by our Values.

Our Purpose
In common with many of the City Livery Companies, the Company's objectives as a Worshipful Livery Company include commitments to professional fellowship, charity, education and social engagement. Our motto is 'Lex Libertatis Origo', or 'Law is the Source of Liberty'. Underlying our objectives and commitments the Company has adopted a unifying purpose, common to all our Members, of promoting the understanding of, and respect for, the Rule of Law. We value the Rule of Law and the role it plays in contributing to a free, prosperous and fair society.

As a Company, we are proud of our work on access to justice through our charitable giving, in encouraging and recognising professional contributions to the Rule of Law, and in encouraging  the dicsussion of  the importance of the Rule of Law and the part our members play in upholding it.

The Company's Values Statement
The Company seeks to reflect the best of the history and tradition of the City and its institutions, and prides itself on being a modern organisation too. While it values and honours the best of the past, it also aims to embrace change, and to be forward looking. A vital part of this includes promoting a diverse and inclusive membership.

Our open culture is welcoming. Members, potential members, and their guests should always feel comfortable, valued and included, irrespective of their background, sex, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, age, and disability.

Our core values are integrity, collegiality and charity.


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The City of London Solicitors’ Company