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Past Master Nick Hughes completes 2017 Abseil Challenge

Congratulations to Past Master Nick Hughes who completed the Lord Mayor’s Appeal Abseil Challenge on the Leadenhall Building on 8th September 2017   “I started out high.  Having taken in the view and a deep breath, I kept my back to the drop.  For those of you with experience of similar gigs, I went down smoothly at a reasonable lick and avoided touching the metal that heats up. It took a little while, occasionally grimacing at some office receptionist as I went past, to complete.  Ruth was at the foot (just in case). The view from the top of the descent is in the attached picture (the fairly high buildings below look quite small !). This is my best proof.   On this one, due to the height, the organisers required us to go down alongside a pro (albeit on our own line).  Please don't think me a wimp; it was a surprise and I had no choice.  Well he and I have lived to tell the tale. I had one of those stiff artisan coffees at ground floor afterwards and when the weather allowed went to the Test Match at Lord's.   Great experience and thank all of you for giving it to me, for your good wishes, support and generous donations. I raised just over £ 2,500 which was much more than I hoped for and I expect that collectively all those taking part will have raised more than £150,000. There should be many more happier patients in hospital who will receive music to lighten their load.   I am extremely grateful to you all.”