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Shrieval Chain - Alderman Alison Gowman - 28th July 2021

"Alderman Alison Gowman, a Liveryman of our Company, was recently elected to take office as a Sheriff of the City from the end of September. We send her our very best wishes and look forward to supporting her in her shrieval year. I’m sure you will have seen past sheriffs on ceremonial occasions and may have assumed that their chains of office, like our own Master’s, are passed on from one sheriff to the next, but this is not the case. Each sheriff creates their own new chain, representing their background, interests and achievements. ..."

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Sustainability Dinner - Report of key themes

What does climate-conscious lawyering/insuring/broking look like and what should it look like in the......


Company Prize Winner for 2022 Announced!



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