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Application for a Freeman

Available to solicitors who are practising or who have practised, within one mile of the Bank of England or at Canary Wharf. As a Freeman of the City of London Solicitors' Company you automatically qualify for membership of the City of London Law Society.

If you are already a member of the City of London Solicitors’ Company, please click here to activate your account.


Step One

Fill in your details on the form below


Step Two

Download the prefilled form, sign and send back to the address shown


Step Three

Application approval process begins

Your details

Please provide us with your details to start the application.


Your contact details

Please provide us with your details to start the application.

Additional details

Please answer the following questions to help support your application.

If you are not currently practising within one mile of the Bank of England, please state the address and dates when you were previously in practice in that area:

If already a member of another City Livery Company please state:

If not, state whether a Freeman of the City of London not through a Company:

Admission ceremony

Application for the Livery


I have a full, current and unconditional Practising Certificate or would have been eligible for one when in practice; I know of no reason why I should not be admitted as a Freeman; the circumstances mentioned in Section 12(1) of the Solicitors Act 1974 set out below have never applied to me; the powers of intervention in that Act have not been exercised against me; I do not know of any disciplinary proceedings pending against me or of any circumstances which might lead to such proceedings against me except as mentioned below. (DO NOT COMPLETE IF INAPPLICABLE).

Circumstances or proceedings

Penalty imposed (if any)

I hereby declare that the contents of this application are true and that, if admitted, I will conform to the following declaration, which I now make:-

I solemnly and sincerely declare that I will at all times:
• honour the sovereign, Queen Elizabeth the Second and her heirs and successors;
• conform to the Constitution and Bye-laws of the Company;
• do my utmost to uphold the status, prestige and welfare of the Company and of our profession;
• play my part in fostering a spirit of mutual trust and support between members of the Company; and
• refrain from disclosing the confidential business of the Company to any person who is not a member.

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