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About the Court Committees

The Court of the Company delegates some of its work to Committees on which members may offer to serve. Members of the committees are appointed for an initial term not exceeding three years and are eligible for re-appointment for a further term, provided that they do not, normally, serve for more than six years. The aim of this is to allow members to contribute to the Company in a meaningful way, with the assurance that the commitment is not open-ended. It also has the benefit of ensuring that the committees are constantly refreshed with new members.
Serving on one of the Committees of the Court is an excellent way of becoming more involved in the Company, gaining familiarity with the work of the Company and getting to know fellow members. The time commitment varies but most of the committees meet no more than four to five times a year, mostly in the early evening, but sometimes over lunchtime. The date and times of meetings are usually planned well in advance.

For information about how to join a Committee contact the Clerk
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Charities Committee
This Committee assists the Court in the management of its Charitable Fund. It makes recommendations to the Court as to the donations policy; reviews and makes recommendations to the Court as to donations to be made from the Charitable Fund, whether by way of regular donations, annual grants or special projects; makes recommendations to the Court as to the encouragement of support by members (in line with City Livery Companies’ long tradition of charitable activity); and reviews on an annual basis the governance management, financial, regulatory, operational and other risks to the Charitable Fund and reports on these to both the Company’s General Purposes Committee and the Court.
Communications Committee
This Committee assists the Court by developing and implementing a PR Strategy and Social Media Strategy; maintaining and developing the Company Website; overseeing City Solicitor Magazine; and developing and implementing new means of communication (e.g. podcasts), as these become available and viable.
Investment Committee
This Committee assists the Court by reviewing the General Investment Fund and the Charities Investment Fund of the Company at least once each calendar year.
Livery Committee
This Committee enhances the profile of the Company through a targeted programme of outreach work with appropriate external organisations. This includes contributing to/assisting with, and where appropriate taking forward initiatives with, other livery companies and pan-livery initiatives; and enhancing the Company’s existing relationship with Army and Air Cadets linked with the Company by providing practical support with their work with young people.

Membership Committee
This Committee helps to recruit eligible solicitors as Freemen of the Company and encourages Freemen to take the Livery in the Company. It does this by promoting the benefits of membership of the Company generally to eligible solicitors; arranging recruitment events; working with the Social & Events Committee to design and deliver events designed to encourage Freemen to take the Livery; and engaging with members or prospective members to gauge what they would like from membership of the Company as well as seeking to measure whether the Company's diversity efforts are having an impact.
Social and Events Committee
This committee aims to ensure a balanced and varied programme of events for members of the Company by maintaining a written and accessible calendar of all of the Company's events; liaising with other committees of the Company that organise events; and suggesting and organising events for members of the Company.
Whittington Committee
This Committee promotes the activities of the Company and the civic City to junior lawyers practising in CLLS member firms / in-house legal departments / any other form of eligible practice in the Company’s remit; works alongside the Social & Events Committee to arrange social / networking events which are likely to be of interest to more junior members of the profession, with a view to encouraging attendees to take the Freedom of the Company; delivers the Company’s annual entry in the Lord Mayor’s Show; and maintains a “buddy” system whereby new members of the Company are, on request, paired with existing members of the Company to welcome them and guide them through their first formal Company events.
Wine Committee
This Committee advises the Court on the acquisition of wine for Company events. It proposes an annual budget for the acquisition of wine; selects and purchases wine for Company events; and proposes and organises wine-related events for members of the Company.