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The City of London
Solicitors’ Company

Company Carol Service - cancelled due to train strike - 14th December 2022

Lord Mayor's Show - 12th November 2022

Election of Lord Mayor - 29th September 2022

Court Dinner - 27th September 2022

Sheep Drive - 25th September 2022

Election of Sheriffs - 24th June 2022

AGM & Champagne Reception - 22nd June 2022

Becket Pageant - 17th June 2022 - 18th June 2022


Christmas Charity Appeal 2022

At our Livery Dinner on 29th November, the Master launched a Christmas Charity Appeal......


Lord Mayor's Farewell Bulletin November 2022

The Late Lord Mayor, Past Master Alderman Vincent Keaveny, writes at the end of......


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