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The City of London
Solicitors’ Company

Court Members

The Company's business is conducted by its Court, comprising the Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, 2 Stewards, up to 15 full Assistants and 4 additional Assistants and a number of Past Masters.

Sarah de Gay

Senior Warden
Edmund Parker

Junior Warden
Virginia Cannon

Simon Davis
Gareth Ledsham

John Abramson
Mary-Ann Wright
Edward Bibko
Lee McLernon
Dominic Griffiths
Clare Murray
Lucy Riley
Clare Wilson

Additional Assistants
Rafique Khan
Aster Crawshaw
Simon McMenemy
Julia Smithers-Excell

Chair of the City of London Law Society
Colin Passmore (Full Assistant)

Past Masters
John Young
David Biddle
Stuart Beare
William King
Michael Mathews
Michael Cassidy CBE Dep
Brian Greenwood
Alastair Collett
Nigel Bamping
Karen Richardson
Alexandra Marks
Alderman Sir David Wootton
John White
Martin Roberts
Alderman Vincent Keaveny CBE
Dame Fiona Woolf DBE
Nicholas Hughes
David Graves
Rupert Jones
John Wotton
Robert Bell
Tony King

Mel Petrie (Interim)