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Livery Dinner - Stationers' Hall

2nd November 2023

The annual Livery Dinner is being held this year in Stationers’ Hall, by kind permission of the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers. The Stationers’ Company has its origin in 1403 with the creation of the stationers’ guild, whose members were text writers, illuminators, booksellers, bookbinders and suppliers of paper, pens and parchment. In 1606 the Stationers purchased a house on the site of the present Hall, but it did not survive the Great Fire. The present Hall was begun in 1670 and with a few additions in the 18th century (including the magnificent stained glass in the Livery Hall) and a new garden entrance with lift access which was completed in the last couple of years, the feeling is still very much of being in a 17th century London manor house.