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The City of London Solicitors' Company pledges funding for Haringey debt advice service

The City of London Solicitors’ Company charitable fund is providing a welcome fundraising boost for Haringey Law Centre’s ‘Dealing with Debt’ project. The Master, Nick Hughes and members of the City of London Solicitors’ Company’s Charities Committee visited Haringey Law Centre to mark the beginning of a 3 year commitment of £30,000 to help fund the Centre’s vital Dealing with Debt project. The Company has recently been able to grow its charitable fund, thanks to generous donations from its members, which has enabled it to enter into a longer term commitment to support the crucial work undertaken by Haringey Law Centre.   The Law Centre works to help the most vulnerable people in this deprived area of London to gain the legal expertise and support they need to cope more effectively with the challenges they face.  The Centre has identified a particular problem with families needing professional help to deal with complex debt cases so that they can achieve more stability in their lives. The 3 year funding of £10,000 per year will help support a dedicated debt advice worker who will deal with 4 to 5 such cases each month, helping people resolve debt issues which can put unbearable strain on families, leading to homelessness or worsening mental health.   Nick Hughes, Master of the City of London Solicitors’ Company said: “The Dealing with Debt project at Haringey Law Centre is the first legal project of its kind to receive a 3-year funding commitment from The City of London Solicitors’ Company charitable fund.  It is a sad truth that dealing with the complexities of debt can become too much, and increasingly it is only through services like these that people can get the professional help they need. We are proud to be able to support Haringey Law Centre with its vital work in its local community.”   Victor Amadigwe, Haringey Law Centre Manager said “We are very grateful to the City of London Solicitors’ Company for awarding this grant to Haringey Law Centre.  In these difficult financial times, demand for specialist debt advice is increasing but unfortunately the number of organisations able to provide advice is decreasing.  The grant will enable Haringey Law Centre to continue assisting local residents struggling to cope with serious priority and non-priority debts.  We thank everyone at The City of London Solicitors’ Company for supporting and championing access to justice in Haringey.”