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Lord Mayor's Summer Bulletin - 29th July 2022

"Summer Bulletin from the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor..."

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The 2022 Wig & Pen Prize for pro bono work - call for nominations! - 13th July 2022

Statements from the Out-going Master and the Master at the AGM 2022 - 7th July 2022

"Statements made by the Out-Going Master and the Master at the AGM 2022, which took place at Apothecaries' Hall..."

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Red Mass - Monday 3 October - 6th July 2022

"The annual service for the commencement of the legal year at Westminster Cathedral (known as the Red Mass) is being held on Monday 3rd October 2022, commencing at 9.30am. There will be a reception after the service at Archbishop’s House. Details of how to book to attend this service will appear here soon...."

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Christmas Charity Appeal 2022

At our Livery Dinner on 29th November, the Master launched a Christmas Charity Appeal......


Lord Mayor's Farewell Bulletin November 2022

The Late Lord Mayor, Past Master Alderman Vincent Keaveny, writes at the end of......


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